About Us

"Sunny Home" is a well-established, dynamically developing organization, which has made its aim to meet the growing interest of foreign investors (physical and juridical persons) in the sphere of real estates.

With view to this, the company commands an extensive database of real estates on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria – on the Black Sea coast as well as in number of attractive mountain settlements and resorts. "Sunny Home" offers an exceptional variety of real estates regarding: the geographical location, the climate characteristics, the diversity of the relief and the real estates types.

The company carries out its activities in Bulgaria as well as abroad, collaborating with its partners.

"Sunny Home" clients are mainly foreign physical and juridical persons, which include both major entrepreneurs and private owners – people who are willing to put into shape their dream of living and/or doing business in Bulgaria.


"Sunny Home" offers the best solution for those, looking for residential or commercial estates on the Black Sea coast and in mountain regions and resorts of Bulgaria.

The organizational structure of "Sunny Home" is represented by young and ambitious specialists with professional approach and individualism, ready to give their best regarding the company's activities.

Our team makes the best selection of real estates in Bulgaria, in accordance with the your requirements, as you receive excellent service, orientated to your personal needs at the purchase of a real estate.

The company works with a team of highly qualified specialists, guaranteeing the security at the execution of each and every transaction and the protection of the clients' rights and interests.


We consult our clients on the constructive characteristics of the real estates as well as on the execution of the related transactions.

We offer individual approach to the contact with clients, including personal survey of the client’s requirements and needs.

We help our clients make the best investment and provide them with professional approach, investment consultations and security in the acquiring of the property.

The main activities of "Sunny Home" focus on transactions with real property and yachts, consulting services in the field of purchase, construction, accounting and legal services.