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With respect to the acquirement of real estate the company offers the complete package of services related to the purchase.

The majority of "Sunny Home" clients are foreign nationals and in this respect our services encompass accurate and precise selection of real estates, professional consulting, cooperation with the registration of a company (in accordance of the provision of the Bulgarian legislation, relating to the purchase of property by foreign nationals), legal, accounting services and consultations, security at the completion of the deals, honest attitude, a high quality and efficient service.

The company meets its clients at Varna airport as a preliminary reservation is made in their name at a hotel, either recommended by the company or of their own choice. "Sunny Home" works only with, which offer optimum convenience, reasonable prices, qualitative service, security and comfort during the client's stay in the country.


The acquiring of a real property

The acquiring (purchase) of a real property in the Republic of Bulgaria is carried out in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation. According to the legal regulations, foreign citizens have the right to possess real property in Bulgaria only provided the same have a registered company in the country and the property is bought on behalf of this company. No registration of company is necessary provided the foreign nationals want to purchase only the property and not the adjacent land. A registration of a company, however, is obligatory in cases when they are willing to purchase the land as well.


Registration of a company

The registration of a company is an easy and smooth process, performed by a qualified solicitor. The procedure itself takes about 7 - 10 working days and the value of all the activities for the registration amounts to approximately 500 euro. The only requirement, which the client is engaged with, is the specification of the name of the company being registered.


"Sunny Home" organizes viewings of the real estates, according to the requirements, preferences and the time, which the client has at his disposal.